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x's playroom

Jul. 3rd, 2008

12:24 am

Wow... this place is hella dead! I only had two recent journal entries from friends...

May. 14th, 2008

11:27 pm - Laundry

I decided this afternoon to wash some laundry - rather easy to do - simple task for being on vacation this week. I turn the dial and pull it. I pour the soap in.. and there's water running on the floor. I push the dial back in.

I figure out that the water is coming out of the outerbasket. So, I believe the tub seal is broke. I look on repairclinic.com; it says that tub seals (and other 2 parts needed to complete the repair) come to $90.

But, I wouldn't try this myself, as this involves taking the effing thing apart, at least that's what repairclinic.com and Yahoo! Answers lead me to believe. So, add labor for at least $60/hr. This has to be at least a 2 hr repair. And, now I've paid for a new cheap washer.

The current one is late 80s or early 90s. The dryer has also been on the fritz... so, I may end up making a purchase just shy of $1000 now. Ugh. Happy Memorial Day - I'm hoping they'll be some sales.

One thing I am considering is buying a refurbished washer. I heard that moving washers and dryers are a bitch compared to refrigerators and stoves; I guess there's the potential to break easier if not transported properly. And I don't plan on staying in this house forever - not long enough that I'd want to leave a brand (fairly) new washer and dryer.

In the mean time, I'll have to visit the parents this weekend to wash a load.

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May. 13th, 2008

11:25 pm - High Speed Chase

I was in my house, and I heard a loud rip of a crotch rocket zooming east on Lake Shore Blvd. Then I hear a police siren.

M later told me that he saw it. A Dodge Charger police vehicle was chasing two crotch rockets that were weaving in/out of cars. The police Charger was driving about 80mph through the center turn lane. The Charger had to be either from Cleveland or Euclid.

I can't find a thing about it on any website! Anyone hear anything about it?

Current Mood: curiouscurious

Jan. 6th, 2008

11:55 pm - American Gladiators

sweet... i dvr'd the new American Gladiators. It rocks... reminds me of when I was 12-14 watching it on TV. Anyone else catch this on NBC?

Aug. 9th, 2007

02:14 am - Baby names..

You've got to be kidding me. 4Real? WTF?


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Aug. 2nd, 2007

09:20 pm - Cement in the River

Here's what happens when you spend excessive monies in Iraq....

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Jul. 18th, 2007

12:47 am

Wow... So, looking at recent exchange rates... 90 US cents equals one Canadian dollar. I remember just 3 years ago when 60 US cents equaled one Canadian dollar.

Good job idiot Bush on making the US dollar suck so bad. (This has nothing to do with the Canadian dollar getting stronger, just the US dollar weakening, as evidenced by the favorable trading ratio of the Aussie dollar - 87 US cents for one Aussie dollar.)

Of course, the Canadians are being quite helpful in our time of need by vacationing in the US. Thank you, Canadians. Perhaps the US should try to build up the Niagara area to attract all of the Canadians there. Heaven knows soon we Americans won't be able to afford to travel to Canada, as I'm sure eventually the Canadian dollar will be stronger than the US dollar. I mean, at 10 cents per year, the US dollar and the Canadian dollar should be equal by the time Bush leaves office. Beautiful.

I have jokingly commented about living in Europe... and articles like this make me think it might be a good idea...


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Jul. 5th, 2007

12:11 am

wow.. i hope i never lay dying and people step over me and ignore me... http://www.cleveland.com/news/plaindealer/index.ssf?/base/news/1183552317192000.xml&coll=2

Jun. 26th, 2007

11:56 pm - drivers...

so.. recently i have been annoyed with the amount of poor drivers on the road.. ones who can't figure out if they want to go 50mph or 80mph on the highway... ones who cannot maintain a lane.. ones who cannot figure out what the red octagonal sign means.. this list could go on and on... but i'll stop. let me mention a few specific incidents..

i was sitting in the driveway outside of one of the offices i work at. i wanted to make a left hand turn on a very busy road. it's five lanes (obviously the middle lane was a center turn lane). i had been waiting for a minute or two to make this turn. it was never going to happen. so i wait for the two lanes closest to me to be empty. the other two lanes have cars in them. i decide that i will turn into the center turn lane and wait to merge. so, i turn left into the opposing traffic lane next to the center turn and slowly merge over into the lane. as a do this, a van passes me and proceeds to lay on the horn. apparently she was afraid that i was going to merge right into her. idiot. yes, i want to merge right into your van, because i want a ticket and to pay to repair your vehicle. idiot. i honk back, because well, i honk at idiots. she waves her hand out the window in a fashion that would incinuate that i failed in an attempt to hit her vehicle and how proud she was of herself. idiot. did i mention that she could have moved over into the other lane? that would have been a courteous thing to do, especially since she didn't turn left until 2 miles down the road.

one morning i was driving on the highway, and i was attempting to get over into a different lane because i needed to take that split. i was driving 10mph over the speed limit and began slowing down and speeding up to attempt to get over. several different cars felt it necessary to either speed up or slow down to prevent me from moving over. it's not like i was going to impede their progression. i was obviously willing to go quicker or slower. i had been trying to move over for a mile. i couldn't believe that in that entire mile i couldn't get over. ridiculous. whatever.

let's explore this next one... there's this road that i take home frequently that is four lanes that drops to two (one each way). prior to the lane droppage, there is an intersection. at the intersection, cars will line up in the left lane to continue straight, since the right one merges in. cars will line up so far sometimes that they proceed back into previous intersections. this is stupid. other people might want to make some left turns onto another road or their house, but most people do not line up in the right lane. why? because most of the people in the left lane will aggressively attempt to prevent the right lane from merging in. this is stupid. so, there are some of us who go in the right lane. generally, i make it in fine, because i speed up or slow down a little to match a gap in cars. well, this one car apparently felt it was his/her duty to slam on his/her brakes because i made a legal merge. idiot. i'm smart enough to leave myself adequate stopping distance. unfortunately, most cars do not, and she almost caused a car 3 cars back to hit a car in front of it. good job idiot.

so, let's talk about today. i like to drive this one road to this one office because there isn't much traffic on it. i don't have to deal with people that drive anywhere from 25mph to 60mph in a alternating 25mph and 35mph zone if i take this road. the direct route has those crazy idiots on it. so, the road i like to take is a divided boulevard and the lanes are narrow. there are two lanes each way. it's 35mph. today there was a landscaping truck with a trailor that turned out from a side street. it was in the right lane about 100 ft ahead of me. i was in the left lane. it's moving about 35mph, i'm going 40mph. it begins to straddle the lanes. then it goes into the left lane. after about 5 seconds, i decide to move into the right lane. i signal, i move slowly. i begin to pass the vehicle, and i am approaching the intersection where i need to turn right. the truck swerves into the right lane. i begin to slow down. the wheel from the trailor hits my car's body at the driver's side front door. my car is forced into the curb as i attempt to decelerate and regain control. i gain control, come back up to speed, and move over to follow the vehicle to get a license plate. i call 911. the guy waves his arm out the window smugly. i turn left, and pull over to the side of the road. he drives off. long story short, i give what i remember of the plate and a vehicle description. police pull him over. another officer arrives and escorts me to where they pulled the other guy over. i give a statement. they inspect my car to find damage on the door panel. i also noticed that both front wheel rims had the chrome scraped off of them. i don't know what they did to this guy, but i hope he got a couple tickets..failure to control and leaving the scene. they exchanged our info. we both have the same insurance, so i'm hoping its not a hassle. i took pictures. i'm waiting for a call back from my agent.

blah. i'm annoyed. they say the more you drive, the better chance you have of being in an accident. well, maybe i should stop traveling for work. problem is, i don't think that any of the offices are the best fit for me. don't get me wrong, i love going to all of them!! but, i just don't see myself at any of them 40 hr/wk. i'm also annoyed that if i have to get body work done on my vehicle, they will likely need me to rent a car. i don't like to rent unless i get the insurance for the "if i get in an accident and the car is totalled" situation. of course, insurance won't reimburse me for that, so then i am out about $50. so, instead i'm thinking i'd rather just take off work. unfortunately, work has this vacation freeze, so i dunno what to do. obviously, i'm horribly (and somewhat unnecessarily) stressing. so, i've had two drinks of southern comfort, peach schnapps, and mt. dew. and, it has just started to relax my neck. normally, it takes half a drink. that's how uptight i am about all this right now. i wish it didn't stress me out so much. if the insurance even attempts to raise my rates, i'll go with someone else. they've been good to me so far - hopefully it continues.

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Jun. 4th, 2007

01:18 am - allergies

What the hell?!? I've been fine since I came back from college 5 years ago. Rarely a headache for any reason (other than stress). And guess what? I have had a headache this entire weekend - primarily allergy related. Pollen, grass, and pet dander. Yes, pet dander!! I have never been allergic to cats or dogs, but my headache increased due to my parents' dog and my own cat. This has made me absolutely miserable. Sure, I'll get beyond it, but as annoying as my cat is, I don't want to get rid of him. I'm hoping that my allergies were just heightened, and I won't have the reaction to pet dander again.

Oh, so my allergic reactions are messed up, too. No itchy/runny nose, no itchy/sore throat. I just have a headache due to sinus congestion. People tell me to take Sudafed or Benadryl. Well, it's damn near impossible to find Sudafed, as a lot of stores stopped carrying it since the pharmacist has to dispense it (thank you to all the asshole fucking crackhead meth addicts). Sudafed PE (the new one that doesn't need a pharmacist) doesn't work at all and gives me all the side effects. Benadryl makes me break out in hives, unless I already have hives - then it relives them. How fucked up is that? So, I can try a nasal spray of Claratin. I tried a nasal spray. That was weak. I got all the side effects - it's eight hours later and my nose still burns. And guess what?! It worked for 30 minutes. I'm doubting Claratin will actually do anything for me. I suppose I can try wasting money on it. This is hella lame.

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